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Google Reviews

Photo of Shelley Corle

Shelley Corle

Kristin did a fantastic job getting me signed up the Idaho heath insurance. She did a great job getting some thing that were messed up fixed. Thank you for your help! Shelley
Photo of Linda Vance

Linda Vance

Excellent customer service and found me best deal!!
Photo of Lori Demarest

Lori Demarest

It's been so wonderful being with McFarland insurance..they go over and beyond to make you feel not only like a client but like family..if something doesnt work for you they research until something does..I hope they are around for years to com..
Photo of Katie Slibowski

Katie Slibowski

I had an amazing time talking to Kristin and Robert. Both very friendly and professional. What a great first impression!
Photo of Jill Adepoju

Jill Adepoju

Kristin and her husband Robert are awesome at what they do! They are very professional and know their job well. I would definitelt recommend them if you are looking for Health Insurance.
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Why choose us?

Competitive Pricing

We work hard to find the best rate through all the carriers we represent.

Local Agent

Having a local agent can help you choose the best body and glass shops, etc.

Multiple Carriers

Representing many carriers means you never have to leave us!

Pay Less

Pay less when you purchase a policy through an independent agent rather than the carrier.

What are Health Insurance Exchanges?

Exchanges (also called "marketplaces") are online markets where consumers and small businesses can go to shop for health insurance. On these sites, they can compare the available plans and then purchase online. In many cases, consumers shopping on a public exchange may be eligible for subsidies to help make health insurance more affordable.

But... did you know?


You pay the same amount for a policy whether you purchase it through the company directly or through an independent agent.


A big advantage to using an independent agent is that you can choose from many different companies rather than just one.


If you have any problems with premium payment issues, claims, or anything else, call us and we will help you! You won't have to deal with it by yourself.


Don't work with an agent who can offer you only one choice! That includes calling an insurance company directly.


When you know how the game is played, you win. We can show you the strategies that will help you.


You can benefit from our friendly, knowledgeable staff and rest assured that you are getting the best available price.